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*Owl’s Clover Cold Brew

*Sweet Lady Runyon Brown Sugar and Vanilla Latte (Chosen as FOOD GPS' drink of the week! Click here to read more)

*Flowering Ash Lemon/Ginger Kombucha


We craft roast sustainable wholesale coffees in an employee-centered business culture that promotes transparency, while staying true to our LA roots


SINCE 1992

Old school without being irrelevant; constantly updating and innovating. City Bean is fancy without being precious or fussy. And they make us look good.
— Patti Peck, Owner, Beachwood Café




Our home, since forever

City Bean was born and raised in Los Angeles and we take pride in providing locally roasted coffees to our wholesale clients and retail customers.



Good for the farmer, good for the planet

We incorporate environmental and human sustainability into all of our purchasing practices, ensuring that you can feel good about serving our coffee and telling its story.         



They don't make 'em like this anymore

Our 1926 and 1963 Probat roasters compliment the quality of our beans and roasting profiles, resulting in consistent, well-balanced roasts that will enhance your coffee program.



our people are our bottom line

Sourcing, roasting, and delivering our coffee—along with all of the things it takes to make that happen—starts with the people who work here, and we take taking good care of them...seriously!


Having served coffee for over 70 years, and striving for the best, we are proud to have been clients of City Bean Roasters for over 15 years
— Mark and David Mendelson, Owners, Nate ‘n Al Deli


retail coffee, straight from OUR roaster