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Coffee Facts & Tips

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Coffee Facts & Tips

Some useful general knowledge for preparing and enjoying craft coffee.

Water to coffee ratio

The proper ratio of water to coffee for brewing is 16.5 to 1. This measurement is intentionally unit-less, so you can use grams, ounces, or any other unit of measure and still achieve the optimal ratio. For example, if you were using 50g of ground coffee, you would add 825g (50*16.5) of water.

Optimal Extraction

Percentage Extraction is the amount of coffee particles extracted from the original dry grounds during the brewing process. A well-brewed cup of coffee has an extraction of 18.5%–21%.

Water temperature

The ideal water temperature for brewing is between 195°–202°FTemperature impacts the extraction rate—more solids are extracted at higher temperatures. It also affects which solids get extracted—water that is too hot will release undesirable acids, resulting in a sour cup.