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A place to purchase coffee and brewing supplies.

Ethiopia Gedeb - Organic

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Ethiopia Organic.jpg

Ethiopia Gedeb - Organic

from 15.95

The Organic Gedeb is sourced by METAD Agricultural Development plc on their Gedeb Estate. The soils in the southern and western parts of the coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia are of volcanic origin, with a high nutrient-holding capacity for clay minerals. The soil type of the area is ‘Clay-loam’ soil. All of the coffee-growing Regions have fertile, friable, loamy soils, with a depth of at least one and a half meters. The topsoil is dominantly dark-brown or brownish in color, with a PH ranging mostly from 5 to 6.8 (water extract).

METAD currently owns and operates the first and only private state-of-the-art SCAA certified coffee quality control lab on the African continent. The laboratory is being used to train both domestic and international coffee professionals. The company has sustainable farming and processing operations in “Hambela”, Guji Zone, Oromia Regional State; and a processing site in “Gedeb”, Gedeo Zone (Yirgacheffe), Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regions (SNNPR) Regional State respectively. Together, their staff reaches 900+ (both permanent and casual) professionally trained and talented staff members, of which 70% are women, with a passion for high quality coffee and sustainable farming and processing practices.

Tasting notes:  stone fruit, black tea, citrus

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