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A place to purchase coffee and brewing supplies.

Guatemala San Antonio - Organic

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Organic Guatemala.jpg

Guatemala San Antonio - Organic

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In 2005, the first 40 members were organized within the Coopertive San Antonio, becoming certified organic in 2008. Coffee from this coop is processed in the homes of its members with hand-powered depulpers. The beans are then fermented, either by concrete fermentation tanks or buckets, depending on what the member has on hand; they are always washed and dried at home. The coffee is then delivered to a warehouse in San Antonio, at which point they are consolidated into lots that are delivered to TG Labs warehouse in Huehuetenango in a repurposed school bus, which they call the "coffee bus".

Varietals vary between caturra, typicas, pache, borbón, castilla and anacafe14. Each plant has a square meter hole next to it in order to retain moisture and organic matter during the year. Most importantly, they are combining their coffee production with bees for honey.

Tasting notes:  Low acidity, grape peel, chocolate fragrance

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