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Mexico Chiapas Cuarta Union - Organic


A place to purchase coffee and brewing supplies.

Mexico Chiapas Cuarta Union - Organic

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Mexico Chiapas Organic.jpg

Mexico Chiapas Cuarta Union - Organic

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MEXICO ORGANIC CHIAPAS CUARTA UNION ALTURA EP is sourced from 551 family owned farms organized around the Productores de Café de Conservación Cuarta Union S.C de C.V. (Cuarta Union), a farmers group operating in the municipalities of Siltepec, Chicomuselo, Montecristo, Angel Albino Corzo, and La Concordia located within the state of Chiapas, Mexico.

Coffee is produced on family owned farms that average 7 acres of land. Members of Cuarta Union are currently investing in renovating their coffee farms with rust (roya) resident coffee varietals. Their goals for the future include increasing their coffee production while taking care of their natural resources. Cuarta Union members are also dedicated to producing corn, beans, and plantains.

Tasting notes:  Cinnamon, Orange, Toasted Almond

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