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A place to purchase coffee and brewing supplies.

Papua New Guinea Bebes

Papua New Guinea.jpg
Papua New Guinea.jpg

Papua New Guinea Bebes

from 12.95

This fully-washed coffee is processed through the Bebes washing station in the Obura Wononara district of eastern Papua New Guinea. The station is owned by Sero Bebes, who, in addition to buying cherry from the surrounding areas, processes beans from his 34 hectare coffee plantation. Sero has been managing the washing station since 2010. The grading system in Papua New Guinea is based on screen or bean size, with the A being a 17/18, X being 15/16, and Y being smaller than a 15. This particular coffee is an A/X, meaning you will find beans that range in size from 15-18. This range in size translates to a dynamic range of flavor.

Tasting notes:  Toasted grains, pleasant finish

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