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A place to purchase coffee and brewing supplies.

Papua New Guinea Wau

Papua New Guinea.jpg
Papua New Guinea.jpg

Papua New Guinea Wau

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Wau is a township renowned for being the first to plant coffee gardens in Papua New Guinea. The region is also recognized for its gold mining, which began prior to its independence, and still operates today within some of its precincts. ECOM (Monpi Exports, LTD) hosts 233 farmers in an SMS-certified traceability program, which is supported by a local mill, appropriately called "Goldfield Coffee". The mill is dedicated to buying parchment exclusively from Wau-certified smallholders. Under another ECOM community project, a clean water supply has been provided to Banisu Elementary School, which many of the coffee suppliers' children attend. The farms and coffee blocks are situated around the valley fringes and across the surrounding ridge, blending nicely with the natural flora and fauna.

Tasting notes:  Delicate body, apricot

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