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Who We Are

Description about City Bean Roasters a Los Angeles Wholesale Coffee Roaster.


City Bean is a company with heart, focused on building mutually respectful relationships. For us, business is personal.

The City Bean Crew - we don't take ourselves as seriously as we take our coffee.

The City Bean Crew - we don't take ourselves as seriously as we take our coffee.



City Bean is 100% family owned and ownership receives no after-tax profit. We have purposefully not taken on investment from any outside organization and we have no intention of doing so.


20% of our after-tax profits gets distributed directly back to staff, fairly, without consideration of position, 5% goes to worthwhile causes (The Muonde Trust, EcoLogic, and Garden School Foundation), and 75% gets reinvested in the business.


We foster a culture of respect and authenticity internally and externally. Our crew wants to work at City Bean and that shows in how we treat each other and our customers.


We're committed to transparency

Our environmental and business practices are disclosed for everyone to see. We gather as much data as possible on each coffee and publish a Coffee Fact Sheet for each of our roasts, including growing conditions, farm practices, and worker conditions. Coffee is a global business spanning several continents and socio-economic divisions, so we take special care to support environmental responsibility and humanity towards workers.


Sol and his crew are passionate about all things coffee. From sourcing, roasting, training, and support, City Bean addresses everything in its drive for a memorable coffee experience.
— Warren Schwartz, Owner, Magpies, 10-year City Bean customer